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I was a bride once.

I've also modeled as a bride several times so I guess technically I've been a bride 4 times in my life. Lawfully? Only once. We were married on September 17th, 2011 in Solvang, CA at Coquelicot Winery where we said "I do" in a field and then danced the night away in a barn. It was a complete DIY rustic wedding, and I had only discovered Pinterest 1 month earlier (which I'm actually happy about that). There were definitely things that went wrong on the day of, but it was still a fabulous day. I married my best friend. ;)

my job

I'm located in Los Angeles, but will go anywhere. Seriously. I'm not joking.

Meet Laura

I'm a Midwest girl living in Southern California with my husband, Donny, and rescue pup, Jake Dingo! When I say Midwest, I hail from Cleveland, Ohio and that will always be home for me. If you're wondering, yes I am a Cleveland Sports fan. No need to apologize either. I already know. ;) My parents live in North Carolina and Florida so a few times a year I'm "bi-coastal". I also come back to LA with strange accents since I pick up twangs everywhere I go. My eyes are more honey-colored than anything else, and I LOVE to experiment with fun hair colors.

My Photographer Life

I'm a full time photographer & my husband is my second shooter! Some people would call us a Husband & Wife team--totally true. ;) I'm heading into my 4th year of this crazy dream, and I feel so lucky to be able to do this. Not only am I a photographer, but I am also a writer and an aspiring actress! One might say that I'm a typical LA girl after reading that, but I'll let you be the judge of that. ;) We should meet though and chat...maybe catch a movie while we are at it (because that's my favorite).

Advice from a Past Bride

Because as much as I adored our wedding, I learned a lot too.

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Want to talk with me about your wedding? THAT WOULD MAKE ME SO HAPPYYYY! (sorry that I'm not sorry about that outburst) Click on "Let's Talk" up top, or send me an email at

Working WIth Laura

Because you should really know what you're signing up for and what to expect! (I promise I'm really awesome and super fun ;) )